Country : Ethiopia - Addis Abeba - AUC

African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development programme
Coordinate by the African Union Commission (AUC) and financed by the 9 th European Development Fund ( 21 M Euros)
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Objective of AMESD:


To increase the information management capacity of African regional and national institutions mandated for environment-related sectors and to facilitate access to Africa-wide environmental information derived from earth observation technologies in support to decision makers

Main duties:


•  Supporting AUC coordinator in managing the programme: supervise 5 Regional Implementation Centers (RICs) located in the 5 African Regional Economic Communities (RECs: CEMAC, IGAD, SADC, IOC, ECOWAS) to provide environmental monitoring services in thematic areas in support to environmental management.

•  Lead the Technical Assistance Team composed by 7 senior expatriates and several local staff.

•  Ensuring sound linkages with all institutions involved in the programme: AUC, EU Delegation to AU, 5 Regional Economic Communities, etc.

•  Report to the Programme Steering Committee on the progress of the programme;

•  Overall supervision of the different contracts: supply contract for EUMETcast receiving stations, Service Contract for TA implementation, Programme Estimates for continental activities by AUC, Grant for regional activities by RICs.