Microprojects strategy

The strategy is clearly drowned up for providing aid based on a prior understanding of how civil society is structured.
It is based on participatory approach that is aimed at broadening the know-how of community as regards identification, preliminary study and financial and economic analysis; and prolongs monitoring activities and training.
The work is carried out using a package of tools which has been tested in rural areas of Africa and Bolivia through several years of field experience.
Grass-root strengthening is achieved focusing on the organization of structured local groups.
The driving principle is the principle of ownership, which means that every micro-project has to be undertaken at the initiative of the beneficiaries, and managed by them.


Services provided:


- Establishing the strategy concept and micro-project delivery system.

- Establishing and monitoring indicators on results and impact.

- Decentralizing decision-making to beneficiaries.

- Reinforcing Government staff skills in supporting micro-project delivery.

- Implementing micro-projects that facilitate social and economic development.

- Promoting sustainable natural resource management practices.

- Confidence building between district administrations, communities and private sector.

- Capacity building at different levels.

- Field-testing and consolidating strategy, methods and approaches.


Village work in Burkina Faso.

Potatoes production in Bolivia.

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Digging a well in Madagascar.