Integrated Rural Development of Oubritenga Province - Ziniaré - Burkina Faso

Country: Burkina Faso

Overall Objectif


  • Put in place infrastructures for agricultural production
  • Meet the basic needs of rural population of Oubritenga Provinc
  • Strengthening rural organisations and create jobs in rural areas to curb rural migration to Ouagadougou

Main duties:


  • Leading, training and coordination of local staff for carrying out socio-economic micro-projects at village level.
  • Support villages in their organisation of associations and cooperatives responsible for implementing micro-economic projects, such as public mills, store houses, orchards and to promote soil conservation activities such as small dams and tree plantation (agroforestry).
  • Advise the Director of local forestry service to plan the management of protected forests.
  • Collaboration with FAO (Forestry and Food Security Project) and GTZ (PATECORE Project) for assisting villages to achieve their targets for micro-projects (soil conservation and organization of forestry cooperatives).



Plateau Mossi: soil conservation.

Diguettes en pierres.

Windbreak of Acacia nilotica.