Community Development and Food Security Programs in the North of Department of Potosi -Llallagua - and O'Connor Province - Tarija - Bolivia - Duty stations: Llallagua and Tarija (EU funded)

Country: Bolivia

Overall objectives:


  • Improve production of traditional farming systems
  • Strenghten rural infrastructures for agriculture

Main duties:


  • Leading, assistance and training of local staff for the implementation of micro-projects at village level; such as the improvement of maize and potatoes crops.
  • Capacity building: assist 6 local administrations (Concejos Municipales) in the preparation of Local Development Plans. Support local technical services to enhance the effectiveness of infrastructures in rural areas.
  • Put in place the infrastructure and a grant scheme for small-scale agriculture: micro-irrigation schemes, store houses, public mills, and organic seed beds for potatoes production in the Bolivia highlands.
  • Support and contribute to the organisation of two farmers' labour Unions in two different Departments (Norte Potosi and Tarija): carry out training sessions for Unions' members.


Collaboration with Fundacion PROINPA (Promotion and Research on Products of Andes) - Headquarters Cochabamba
FAO: Proyecto Post-cosecha - Headquarters Tarija

Lama herd

Traditional farming on highlands (Potatoes sowing).

Potatoes production on highlands
(Norte Potosì).

Planning village development.

Lama herd.