Conservation of forest ecosystems of Central Africa – ECOFAC IV (link a – Obo Natural Parks - Sao Tomé and Principe.


ECOFAC IV is an initiative of European Commission and 7 Countries of Central Africa to promote sustainable use of natural resources of Congo Basin to preserve forest ecosystems and improve livelihood of populations.


Project overall objectives:


- Support to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to prepare and carry out an institutional framework for sustainable management of natural resources;


- Assist the Directors of National Parks in the management of protected areas and buffer zones; establish monitoring system on biodiversity;


- Preparation of ecological territorial planning with participation of technical services, NGOs and stakeholders taking into account activities having impact on environment (agriculture, forestry, tourism, etc.);


- Support National Cadastral Service to set out Geographic Information System focusing on natural resources management;


Main duties as project manager:


- Set out operational framework in cooperation with project National Director by transferring skills and facilitate local staff to assume their responsibility;


- Work with Project Steering Committee to prepare work plans, budget and logical framework based on the financing agreement;


- Recruit and supervise project Accountant;


- Administration and management of project funds according to EDF/EU procedure and financing agreement;


- Relationship and cooperation with stakeholders, national staff, Directorate of environment, EU Delegation, NGOs, etc. to carry out the project;


- Establish project monitoring system and Geographic Information System to support the management of national parks and their buffer zones;


- Prepare and carry out training programme for local staff and others actors;


- Identification of short term technical inputs including ToR, selection and supervision of consultants;


- In collaboration with Directorate of environment, identify organisation chart, organization and management for national parks;


- Define national strategy for proteced areas management focusing on people participation in conservation activities.

Field visit.

At the gate of Obo National Park.


L.Palmatus – biggest treefrog of Africa endemic of Principe.

Cao Grande – Icon of Obo National Park.